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Founded in 2013, Artsper is an online marketplace for modern art. Partnering with 1,800 professional art galleries around the globe, it makes discovering and acquiring art accessible to all. The Roy & Ruth Rogers Wing has increased our house and can allow us to serve extra neighborhood members by way of arts training. Others in psychology and different fields have asserted that both music and art are separate from different innate types of communication. This belief, however, doesn’t clarify why music and art can evoke emotion within the audience if it’s not merely due to an exploitation of extra primary senses. Judith Nasby, founding director and curator of the Macdonald Stewart Art Centre, animates the story of the gallery from its humble beginnings in campus hallways in 1916 to its newest incarnation as the internationally recognized Art Gallery of Guelph.

  • Music can’t only inspire you to bop, it also creates