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The portraits, coupled with text that the Midshipmen wrote themselves, allowed the audience to grasp a deeper understanding in regards to the experience of attending the Naval Academy. Welcome to the Center for Photographic Art – Tracing our roots back to the Friends of Photography, based in 1967, we remain thesecond oldest members’ images gallery house within the country. A brief walk from Ocean Avenue in Carmel, California brings you to the venerable gallery originally occupied by the Friends of Photography, established in 1967, and launched by iconic artists Ansel Adams, Cole Weston, and Wynn Bullock.

Used within the lithographic printing business for mixing color by the weights of ink. True image magnification achieved by repositioning the lenses. A digital camera setting used to alter the sharpness of an object’s define. Method of taking an publicity meter reading by recording the amount of light falling on the subject.

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