Choose Better School For Your Children

Right education needs a right school. Each and Every school should have good facilities like well atmosphere, playgrounds, infrastructure, teaching staff, experienced organizers etc. Education does not mean reading the alphabets and the numbers only, it’s about both physical and mental development of the student. School must help one to develop his basic principles, morality and the complete outlook towards life. Now-a-days most of the schools are commercial. They are only concentrating on money not for quality education. Parents of children will follow some basic things which, one should take into account before admitting their children like discipline, vision, environment and other good activities in school.

Generally in India schools are divided into four divisions i.e pre-primary, primary, secondary and higher secondary. There are number educational boards according to state and central wise in India, mainly by the State Boards, ICSC, ISC and CBSC Boards. Parents can select residential or boarding for their children. Residential Schools are having some facilities and boarding schools are having some facilities in India.

Some of the Top schools in India are: India First Foundation School in Mumbai, La Martiniere for Boys, Don Bosco, Loreto House and Modern High School in Kolkata,

The Mother’s International School, Spring Dales, Delhi Public School and Shri Ram School in Delhi and Jubilee Hills Public School, Hyderabad Public School in Hyderabad. A pre-school is the most fundamental episode when you start educating your child. It plays an integral role to boost the self-confidence and optimistic attitude in a student. Before admitting your child in schools first you have to see about extra-curricular activities like drawing, dancing, elocution, singing etc. Because Children are very much interested in extra curricular activities for refreshment, Apart from out-bound trips, summer trips.

Outreach programs are also very essential part of school children, the main purpose of outreach programs is to expose the students to the innovations in the field of science and technology. This is done in a participative mode, where the young learners directly interact with people of eminence in the respective fields. The aim of these programs is to broaden the learner’s knowledge of each field, expose them to the range and scope of related tasks and thereby help them make a choice for future.