Growing With The Quality Education

Srinagar, the heaven of Earth is located in the Valley of Kashmir and near the river Jhelum. This beautiful city is also the summer capital of the Indian state Jammu and Kashmir. The city has a long and an age old history and is known to be in the existence since the third century BC. With the changing time the city got different names and is known to be founded by the King Pravarasena II, some two thousand years ago and initially it was named as Parvasenpur. According to the official data the city is known as one of the fastest growing cities and is also one of the fastest urbanizing as well as economically progressing cities of the world.

As the city is fondly known as the ‘Venice of East’ or the ‘Kashmiri Venice’ and it’s natural and refreshing beauty makes it the most popular tourism destination of the country. The city of Srinagar has many beautiful gardens and lakes which give a breathtaking view to the city. In the past few decades the city has shown tremendous and rapid progress in other fields of work, and one of them being the field of education.

The city government and other private trusts have shown proper concern towards increasing the level of the education in the city. And for the same the city has founded many schools, colleges, universities and other educational institutes for the students so that they could earn a name for themselves by doing better for themselves. This brave city has been through a lot in the past years, the terrorism and violence had ruined the safety and peace of the city, but because of the strong will of the people the city has gained its peace and harmony again.

The people of the city are simple and believe in doing hard work. The schools in the city are affiliated with CBSE and ICSE boards and are run properly either by the government or by the private organization or trust. The schools are properly designed and each and every child is given proper attention. The schools here envision creating world class leaders of tomorrow who could take rational and right decision for the prosperity of the society. The faculty fraternity of the city is helping and dedicated, they give proper attention and interact with the students to create a symbiotic relation with them. Schools are given proper safety and security protection by the school administrations and for the distant living students, transportation facility is provided. Schools have inspiring as well as enjoyable and stress free environment. Students are given knowledge of every field to keep them abreast with the latest on goings of the outside world.

The schools here give proper and equal stress on both curricular and co curricular  students are provided with a large school library, which is full with a plethora of books and other interesting reads. The schools of Srinagar are changing and developing and are surely going to create a milestone in the history of education.