How to Improve Children’s Learning Motivation

The spirit of learning is indeed challenging to maintain, especially by children. Many children are experiencing difficulty concentrating, family problems, emotional problems, and many more. The following are unique and creative ways parents can do to encourage children to study:

Describe the Benefits of Studying for the Future

Children always think after graduation, they will go to their dream university. Parents can introduce the best schools or universities so that children can be motivated. Make children curious about their dream school and work. You can encourage children to attend the Bangkok Patana School. This school is one of the best International schools in Bangkok with the International Baccalaureate (IB) curriculum.

Learning as a Daily Activity

Merge the learning topic into daily activities. For example, when your child is learning English, make that language an everyday language. Learning English can also be equated with watching cartoons or playing games. Merging learning topics into daily activities will make it easier for children to learn because children do this unconsciously, and there is no pressure.

Make Learning Fun

Currently, there are a lot of unique and fun ways of learning. For example, you can teach children while they are doing their hobbies. This way, they will enjoy it more. Do not forget to also give rewards to children with the results achieved, to increase children’s interest.

Understand Children’s Interest Deeper

Parents must understand the child’s interest in learning, hobbies, and goals. If parents already understand everything about their children, then it will be easier to find learning topics related to their hobbies. Children will also feel less burdened with learning. Just like adults, children hate doing things they don’t need. Therefore, before asking children to learn, make them feel they need to learn. Children will look for a lot of media to learn when they feel the need.