The Types of Roofs You Can Choose for Your House

The house has a function as a protector from rain and heat. Now, to support these functions, the existence of a high-quality roof will make you feel comfortable. Below are the types of roofs that can be an inspiration for those of you who currently look for inspiration.

Asbestos roof

The asbestos roof looks precisely like a zinc roof, but one of the advantages of asbestos is that it does not absorb heat. Apart from that, asbestos are found anywhere and cheap. Also, it is easy to install, durable, and lightweight. The weakness of the asbestos roof is it poses a risk to your health.

Asbestos fibers made from carbon are easily peeled and can interfere with respiratory health if you inhale the flakes. Asbestos is also not sturdy enough and easily broken. The installation requires a professional. If you are looking for roof extension services, roof replacement, or roof repairs, you can trust Southern Cross Roofing. They are a roof tilers Sydney company, which has 20 years’ experience in roof repair. For more information, you can contact Southern Cross Roofing at 02 9477 7961

Ceramic tile roof

Ceramic tile roofs, of course, are made of ceramic material. The main ingredients are the same as conventional tile, which is clay. The process of making this tile is similar to other tiles in general. What makes it different is the glatzur color coating during the finishing stage.

The color of the ceramic roof is quite durable. This is because it undergoes the burning process at very high temperatures. The weakness of this ceramic tile roof is, the installation must be locked with bolt nuts, and the frame for the ceramic tile is wood and concrete.

Glass tile roof

The glass tile roof is one roof type that lets the sunlight in because it is made of glass material. The advantage of this tile is it can be converted as ventilation, where sunlight will light the house from above.

The installation of this glass tile roof is one way to keep and prevent the wall from excess humidity to minimize moldy walls.

As for its weaknesses, this tile is not applicable to all parts of the house. If you use too much glass roof, the temperature of the house will increase. During the day, the room temperature becomes unbearable when the sun shines brightly.

Well, those are some of the types of roofs for your inspiration, choose them wisely!