Importance of Infant Education

In the past the mother was considered to be the first school for the child and until the child begins to understand how to read and write he/she will not be sent to school. But with the passage of time the concept of Pre-school education (Infant Education) has emerged. Infant Education is necessary to put quality standards in the children’s minds from their very young age. The age of the child is quite sensitive at this stage of Pre School because they are going to discover the world outside. Their minds should be prepared for it with proper care and teaching.

Basically the educational training given in these types of schools consists of Play-school, Nursery and the like kinds. But now the Pre-School concept has combined all these aspects with more work coming in the small school. The Pre-School system is mainly followed in the UK and other English countries while their branches are also in other countries as well. Many countries are following Pre-School system as an international standard because of their significant success rate. The whole curriculum is designed according to the child psychology, within these schools. Also the curriculum is flexible enough to fulfill the needs of every child because at this stage the child is subject to a variety of physical and mental growths.

The objective of the Pre-School education system is to provide children an environment in which they can learn new things independently. In order to make the child confident it is necessary to overcome the initial separation anxiety and independent learning is the solution for it. Usually the child learns automatically how to adjust in the school’s environment and by interacting continuously with other children vocabulary and language skills also develop rapidly. Cognitive approach is also followed in the pre-school environment to improve learning process. In this case the curriculum is designed with the activities that involve vibrant colors, patterns and shapes to grab child’s attention.

Distinctive tools are used in the processes of learning because it is an easy way to remember. And it is very important for the child to remember all the basic alphabets and letters so that they can learn more advanced lessons. This is the reason blocks with letters printed over them are used to keep the child remember the alphabet shape and similarly other tools are used with more knowledgeable experience. Good habits and etiquette teaching is also followed within these schools with a proper plan.

There are various community training centers in the UK who are offering Pre-school and small school services especially Muslim schools are well known in this domain. Islamic charitable trusts are quite popular in the whole UK due to their quality education system with fewer charges. It is one of the greatest fears of Muslim parents that their child will learn non Islamic things, if they sent their child to a private community school run by Christian or other religion people. But now there are extraordinary well established Muslim schools in UK and other European countries as well.

Few Islamic schools in Manchester are offering free studies for orphans in some of the third world African countries and around the world. Hanifah School of Manchester is running a program in Gambia for orphans and has established a school project too.