Ugoos AM7 Android TV Box

TV is one great Entertainer and News provider to the people all over the world. To determine its importance just shut out on viewing TV just for a day. How would you feel? Majority response would be an “Oh No!”for sure. A TV with its set antenna will access only a limited number of channels, thereby bringing in a limitation to viewing. However, with the advent of the TV box this changed the scenario all together. A TV box is a device that streams.

Connecting a TV box to the TV will enable to access and view streaming channels unlimited. With streaming coming alive on the smart TV viewing quality couldn’t be any better with the real Cinematic feeling to bring in that ultimate joy and satisfaction of watching quality TV. Now let us focus on the BEST EVER TV box that has come about with so many plus and positive comments by its users. Ugoos AM 7 Android TV BOX it is.

Tech Details

CAPACITY – 4GB Memory and 32GB internal storage.

DEVICE SUPPORT – All popular Video formats including AV1 is supported.

FAST INTERNET – is always the case point with its all-powerful Gigabit Ethernet Port.

DUAL BAND WI-FI – of 2.4 G/5 GHz. Bluetoothv 5.0 show cases the Ugoos quality.

Design with Built-in Quality and Good Looks

Comes in asimple but attractive black colour square plastic box bent slightly at the sides. With all of its components the weight is unbelievably light at 300 gms. Making easy and convenient to handle. Been made out of plastic makes easy maintenance plus will not be affected like rust formation especially if close to the sea. With the Sturdy looks the TV BOX with LED lighting reflecting its status will be clearly visible. With the latest technology well combined has made possible to leave out the common LED front screen. This further boosts the Ugoos AM 7 Android TV BOX’s good looks.


VENTILATION AND STABILITY – is assured. With the TV BOX’s ventilation holes. Also, the ventilation holes have been designed and placed to enhance the good looks plus to allow max air movement to keep the device cool. Four rubber legs give ample stability to the TV BOX. An Unexpected heavy blowing of wind will not destabilise the device if in a semi open area.

PORTS – wide range of ports are built in to bring in quality input and audio output. They are powerful and features DC 12 V, two antenna ports, HDMI 2.1, RJ-45 GB Ethernet port, SPDIF digital audio output, AV-OUT and 3.5 mm,1*Type C (OTG), 1*USB 2.0 port, and 3*3.0 USB ports. Wow! one will never be able to feel the quality with such an amazing number of ports until experiencing it with one of a kind Ugoos AM 7 Android TV BOX.

DECODING SUPPORTER – will make sure all of the encoded digital streams of audio and video, closed captions and subtitles will be clearly displayed to the understanding of the viewers.


SOFTWARE – built in to perform efficiently, to last even with heavy usage, better compatibility and to make operating safer.

With the Ugoos AM 7 Android TV BOX creating box office sales, hurry up and get yours to avoid disappointment of ready stocks running out and thereby having to wait for yours. With Family or Friends and over a tasty bite and a cheerful drink and the smart TV in front bringing in entertainment from the Ugoos AM 7 Android TV BOX one could not find any better chilling and relaxation experience than with this amazing and amusing super entertaining Ugoos AM 7 Android TV BOX.

Install FileSynced on Ugoos AM7 TV Box

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